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Description: Top Dog Test lease, rents , and sells Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment. We also proudly offer parts, calibration, and repair. We are happy to work around your budget by offering flexible payment options, recommending cost effective equipment substitutions, as well as buy-backs and trade-ins. For fast, responsive, flexible service, and budget friendly pricing, no one beats Top Dog Test your best freind in test. We buy a large variety of test equipment and production equipment, customized quotes and services.
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Phone: 1-510-324-3001
Fax: 1-510-740-0916
Address: 27732 Industrial Blvd Hayward CA 94545
Country: United States
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Products Highlight for Top Dog Test
Agilent E8267C-005-520-602-HEH-UNR
Agilent E8267C-005-520-602-HEH-UNR (AGILENT E8267C-005-520-602-HEH-UNR)
PSG Vector Signal Generator, up to 250kHz 20GHz (HP).005 6 G Byte non-volatile waveform storage 520 250kHz to 20 GHz 602 Internal base ...
Lease Price $2,337
Used Price $42,500
Anritsu 37369C-1A-10A
Anritsu 37369C-1A-10A (ANRITSU 37369C-1A-10A)
40MHz to 40GHz Vector Network Analyzer
Lease Price $1,869
Used Price $33,995
Agilent E5070B-016-1E5-414
Agilent E5070B-016-1E5-414 (AGILENT E5070B-016-1E5-414)
ENA RF Network Analyzer 300kHz to 3.0GHz 4-port
Lease Price $1,787
Used Price $32,500
Agilent 8722C-001-010
Agilent 8722C-001-010 (AGILENT 8722C-001-010)
Microwave Network Analyzer 50MHz to 40GHz 001= 1Hz Frequency Resolution 010= Time Domain Capability
Lease Price $1,647
Used Price $29,950
Agilent 8565E-008
Agilent 8565E-008 (AGILENT 8565E-008)
Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz to 50GHz With Fast Time domain sweep and Digital signal Identification 008 Add signal identification
Lease Price $1,644
Used Price $29,900
Agilent E5071A-016-1E5-414
Agilent E5071A-016-1E5-414 (AGILENT E5071A-016-1E5-414)
E5071A-016-1E5-414 ENA Network Analyzer 300kHz-8.5GHz 4 port with High stability time base and touch screen
Lease Price $1,644
Used Price $29,900
Agilent 8720ES-010-012-089-400-H42
Agilent 8720ES-010-012-089-400-H42 (AGILENT 8720ES-010-012-089-400-H42)
Network Analyzer 50MHz to 20GHz (HP) 4 Ports 010= Time Domain 012= Direct sampler access 089= Freq Offset 400= Fourth Sampler and TRL calib ...
Lease Price $1,622
Used Price $29,500
Agilent N4916A
Agilent N4916A (AGILENT N4916A)
N4916A De-Emphasis Signal Converter
Lease Price $1,484
Used Price $26,995
Tektronix RSA3308A-21
Tektronix RSA3308A-21 (TEKTRONIX RSA3308A-21)
DC to 8 GHz Real Time Spectrum Analyzer with Digital Modulation Analysis
Rental Price $900
Used Price $25,000
Agilent N4421B
Agilent N4421B (AGILENT N4421B)
Agilent N4421B S-Parameter Test Set to 50GHz Accesories complete
Lease Price $1,375
Used Price $25,000
Agilent E5071A-016-1E5-313
Agilent E5071A-016-1E5-313 (AGILENT E5071A-016-1E5-313)
E5071A-016-1E5-313 ENA Network Analyzer 300kHz-8.5GHz 3 port with High stability time base and touch screen
Lease Price $1,347
Used Price $24,500
Agilent E4407B-1D5-1DR-A4H-AYX-AYZ-B72-BAA
Agilent E4407B-1D5-1DR-A4H-AYX-AYZ-B72-BAA (AGILENT E4407B-1D5-1DR-A4H-AYX-AYZ-B72-BAA)
E4407B-1D5-1DR-A4H-AYX-AYZ-B72-BAA Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz to 26.5GHz
Lease Price $1,237
Used Price $22,500
Agilent DSO80804A
Agilent DSO80804A (AGILENT DSO80804A)
DSO80804A 4 Channel 8GHz Infiniium Scope
Rental Price $1,900
Used Price $17,995
Agilent N5162A-System1
Agilent N5162A-System1 (AGILENT N5162A-SYSTEM1)
ATE 6Ghz Vector Signal Generator Options in System1 006=Instrument security 012=LO In/Out for phase coherency 019=Upgrade baseband generat ...
Lease Price $1,099
Used Price $19,995
Agilent DSO80304B
Agilent DSO80304B (AGILENT DSO80304B)
DSO80304B Infiniium High Performance Oscilloscope 3GHz
Lease Price $1,072
Used Price $19,500
Agilent DSO80204B-001-003-004
Agilent DSO80204B-001-003-004 (AGILENT DSO80204B-001-003-004)
Infiniium High Performance Oscilloscope 2GHz
Lease Price $1,045
Used Price $19,000
Agilent 8753ES-006-010
Agilent 8753ES-006-010 (AGILENT 8753ES-006-010)
Network Analyzer to 6GHz (HP)
Lease Price $989
Used Price $17,995
Anritsu 37247A-2A-10-11
Anritsu 37247A-2A-10-11 (ANRITSU 37247A-2A-10-11)
37247A-2A-10-11 40MHz TO 20GHz VNA NETWORK 010 High Stability Timebase 011 Reference Loop Ext Cables 02A High Speed Time Domain
Lease Price $962
Used Price $17,500
Anritsu/Wiltron 360SS69
Anritsu/Wiltron 360SS69 (ANRITSU/WILTRON 360SS69)
Synthesized Sweeper 10MHz to 40GHz
Lease Price $962
Used Price $17,500
Agilent 83623A-004
Agilent 83623A-004 (AGILENT 83623A-004)
Agilent (HP) 83623A 10MHz-20 GHz High-Power Synthesized Sweeper 004 is rear output
Lease Price $962
Used Price $17,500

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   Reviews for Top Dog Test
5 out of 8 people found this review helpful.

Bad Experience
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Ordered and Received HP 4263B LCR Meter w/options 001 002. When unit was received, the case screws were very loose allowing the chassis to move around in shipping breaking the seals. Also the transformer mount was loose and there was a screw rolling around in the case. The screw apparently came from the top PCB hold down. The outside of the case had dents and sticker glue and the PCB looked like it had been collecting dust for years. Replaced the screw, tightened down the loose transformer mount and tested the unit. Unit seems to work but is missing option 002, even though the sticker is on the back, this suggests that the electronics were replaced and the unit was not thoroughly tested. Because the seals are broken unit cannot be sent back. Manual was promised but not included (but download available from Agilent). Would NOT recommend this Dealer.
Reviewer on 3/29/2013 10:50:00 AM

5 out of 14 people found this review helpful.

give them a try
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Little guys with a Big bite. They will say they can do any deal and most of the time they believe they can. They have came through for me a couple of times and on the others they were trying to source the units from another dealer I was working with a better prices than I was going to get! They are wheelers and dealers that is for sure!
xtraselectronics on 6/25/2010 9:18:00 PM

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