Electro Rent
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Phone: 1-800-688-1111, 1-818-787-2100
Fax: 1-818-374-7399
Address: 6060 Sepulveda Boulevard Van Nuys CA 91411
Country: United States
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   Reviews for Electro Rent
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has it all dealer!
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ER has it all. They are also Agilent's right hand man in dealing with most of Agilent's customers. They are big and have it all. If I have a mimo test or cell phone production contract job and need qauntities of a unit such as a E5515C or N5182A…believe me when I tell you they have over 50 of each on the shelf. Having Agilent application engineers onsite and in the field really improves there already solid techincal expertise. The only down side with them is they give you high rates if you are not one of there top accounts and don't even bother asking for rental buy offs as they charge close to list price.
TestDipity on 7/8/2010 2:16:00 PM

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