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The flash memory used in the 5700A is a physically block structured device. It
contains three separate blocks. The first block is a special purpose block
intended to hold a small boot loader. It’s used for that purpose within the 5700A.
The boot loader software was designed and maintained by the Fluke Corporation
and is preprogrammed into the flash device for us by the vendor. The boot
loader flash memory can’t be easily changed or reconfigured without special
programming equipment. It’s considered by Fluke to be permanent. If it were
tampered with, or otherwise changed, by anyone other than qualified software
engineer equipped with supporting documentation from Fluke, and external
programming hardware, the calibrator would cease to function. The second
block contains the application software for the 5700A. It’s programmed by Fluke
but is otherwise subject to the same stringent restrictions as the boot code.
Additionally, a checksum is generated and compared on power-up to insure that
no changes to this code have occurred. The third block is logically partitioned, by
the software, into two mini-blocks. The first contains the calibration constants
for the instrument. The second contains all nonvolatile configuration data for the
Jane on 8/8/2016 3:55:00 AM

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