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The Agilent E3632A is a 120 W single output, dual range programmable dc power supply designed to meet the most exacting engineering requirements with traditional Agilent quality and reliability.

E3632A/33A/34A single-output dual range power supplies
These single output power supplies give you the flexibility to select from dual output ranges. Output load is protected against overvoltage and over current, which are easily monitored and adjusted from the front panel and remote interface. Remote sense is available to eliminate the errors due to voltage drops on the load leads. E3633A/34A offers front and rear output terminals.

E363X: Power to the Bench
Agilent E3631A - E3634A power supplies are designed for bench automation in R&D design and QA verification. Even at value prices, these power supplies deliver great features and power. Their low noise and excellent regulation are essential for R&D engineers who need to evaluate assemblies or applications, and for test engineers who need to develop repair strategies for production.

Hybrid regulation techniques create a denser, lighter package and a smaller footprint—key considerations when bench space is at a premium. Front panel output connections enable ease-of-use, while GPIB and RS-232 interfaces make for a versatile power source.
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