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The TC-5062A, an economic UHF TEM Cell, generates a consistent Electromagnetic field for testing small RF devices such as Pagers, GPS Receivers, Mobile Phones, etc. An external test signal applied through the input port of the TC-5062A generates a consistent and predictable TEM test field inside the cell. The radiation field from a device transmitting in the Cell can also be detected through the port using a test receiver. The unique, compact and economical design is optimized for medium accuracy measurements beyond the standard TEM Cell frequency range.
? Key Features
Radiation and susceptibility test
Broadband TEM Cell up to 3 GHz
Small size, Small footprint for desktop application
High effective shielding
Specifically designed for all types of Mobile Phones
Able to installl DUT Rotator jig
DB25 Data Connector, SMA RF Connector
? Specification
VSWR : <1.7, 100MHz ~ 3GHz
Path Loss : 22dB Typical
Effective Shielding without TC-50621A DUT Rotator
: > 80dB up to 2GHz, > 70dB 2GHz ~ 3GHz
Effective Shielding with TC-50621A DUT Rotator
: > 70dB up to 2GHz, > 60dB 2GHz ~ 3GHz
Effective Cell Height :220 mm
Field Strength at Test Point : 13dBuV/m at 1 uV input
Data Connector : DB25(p) outside and DB25(s) inside
RF Connector : N(f) outside, SMA(f) outside and SMA(f) inside
Dimension : 344(W)×403(D)×675(H) mm
Door Size : 176(W)×130(H) mm
Weight : 19kg
Jane on 3/31/2017 3:02:00 AM

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