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Topic: Wanted Agilent Oscilloscope TDS7254
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Up to 4 GHz bandwidth and 20 GS/s real time sampling rate, depending on
the model
Record lengths up to 32,000,000 samples, depending on option
Fast acquisition at up to 400,000 acquisitions per second for analog
oscilloscope emulation and isolation of data-dependent failures duringconformance/performance testing and for examination of very low-level
signals in pseudo-random bit streams
2% DC vertical gain accuracy
Four input channels (each with 8-bit resolution), CH 3 signal output, and
auxiliary trigger input and output
Sample, envelope, peak-detect, high-resolution, and average acquisition
Full programmability, with an extensive GPIB-command set and a messagebased
Trigger modes include edge (up to 3 GHz bandwidth), logic, pulse, and
Powerful built-in measurement capability, including histograms, automatic
measurements, and measurement statistics
A large 10.4 inch (264.2 mm) color display that supports color grading of
waveform data to show sample density
An intuitive, graphical user interface (UI), with online help that is built in
and available on screen
Internal, removable disk storage
Wide array of probing solutions
Serial mask testing, serial pattern triggering, triggering on communications
signals, eye pattern measurements, and a waveform database mode are
available with options. Use of these optional features is described in the
Option SM Serial Mask Testing and Option ST Serial Pattern Trigger User
Jane on 4/17/2017 11:41:00 PM

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