Keysight N4903A High-Performance Serial BERT with complete jitter tolerance testing Bit Error Ratio Testers (BERT)

Manufacturer: Keysight
Base Model: N4903A Total Listings: 9 Units
Description: High-Performance Serial BERT with complete jitter tolerance testing Bit Error Ratio Testers (BERT)
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Keysight N4903A
Agilent_N4903A: High-Performance Serial BERT (Opt.C07 J10 J20)
-$13,000-- -
Keysight N4903A-C07-J10
N4903A High-Perfo?rmance Serial BERT Opt. C07,J10,J1?...
-$26,182-- -
Keysight N4903A
HP - Agilent - Keysight N4903A-J10-J20-C13-A01 Serial J-BERT Analyzer
-$27,000-- -
Keysight N4903A
Keysight / Agilent N4903A J-BERT high-performance serial BERT, 7 Gb/s and 12.5 Gb/s
-$35,375-- -
Keysight N4903A
N4903A High-Perfo?rmance Serial BERT (Agilent)
-$39,585-- -
Keysight N4903A-C07
N4903A-C07 - Agilent / HP N4903A-C07 7.00Gbps Bit Error Rate Testers
---- -
Keysight N4903A-C13
N4903A-C13 - Agilent / HP N4903A-C13 12.50Gbps Bit Error Rate Testers
---- -
Keysight N4903A-G07
N4903A-G07 - Agilent / HP N4903A-G07 7.00Gbps Pattern Generators
---- -
Keysight N4903A-G13
N4903A-G13 - Agilent / HP N4903A-G13 12.50Gbps Pattern Generators
---- -

Keysight N4903A Product Overview
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Key Features & Specifications

  • 150 Mb/s to 7 Gb/s or to 12.5 Gb/s pattern generator and error detector
  • >0.5 UI calibrated and integrated jitter injection.
  • Excellent signal performance and sensitivity
  • Built-in clock data recovery with tunable and compliant loop bandwidth

Available Configurations for N4903A

NEW - J-BERT N4903B High-performance Serial BERT

The last order date for the A-version of the J-BERT N4903A high-performance serial BERT will be April 30, 2010. The recommended replacement product is the J-BERT N4903B, which offers more jitter injection capabilities, half-rate clocking support, built-in CDR and cleaner output performance at a comparable price. N4903A software and hardware upgrade options can be ordered until April 30, 2011. Upgrades from the N4903A to the B version are possible by ordering N4903B-UAB. J-BERT N4903B.


J-BERT N4903B High-performance Serial BERT The only complete jitter tolerance test – now for next generation of forwarded and embedded clock designs such as QPI, PCIe, DisplayPort, SATA, USB, FB-DIMM, Fibre Channel, 10GbE.

The Keysight J-BERT N4903A High-Performance Serial BERT provides the only complete jitter tolerance test solution for characterization of serial gigabit devices.

The J-BERT offers complete, integrated and calibrated jitter composition for stressed eye testing of receivers up to 12.5 Gb/s.

Automated and compliant jitter tolerance testing allows quick and accurate characterization for all popular serial bus standards, such as PCIeTM, SATA, FB-DIMM, Fibre Channel, CEI, Gigabit Ethernet and XFP/XFI.

The J-BERT matches to latest serial bus interfaces perfectly with its ability to analyze undeterministic traffic, generate complex pattern sequences, subrate clock outputs. Clockless and differential interfaces can be tested.

The J-BERT is an expandable, future-proof BERT platform where all options can be configured to the current test needs and upgraded later when those needs change.

It is the ideal choice for R&D and validation teams who characterize and stress chips and transceiver modules with serial I/O ports up to 12.5 Gb/s.

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Have a look at the Animated J-BERT Overview

  • Operating range 150 Mb/s to 7 Gb/s or to 12.5 Gb/s provides enough margin for today’s and tomorrows serial interfaces
  • >0.5 UI jitter injection. Calibrated and integrated jitter injection (opt. J10, J20). All in one box: PJ, SJ, RJ, BUJ, ISI and sinusoidal interference for stressed eye test of a receiver
  • Cleanest eyes with transition times <20 ps and <9 ps pp jitter for accurate measurements
  • Pattern generator options for 7Gb/s and 12.5Gb/s
  • Best match for serial interfaces: Built-in CDR, differential I/Os
  • Clock data recovery (CDR) operates at 1Gb/s to 12.5 Gb/s and tunable loop bandwidth (option CTR) for compliant measurements
  • Subrate clocks with any ratio 1:n
  • Bit recovery mode (opt. A01) to analyze undeterministic traffic
  • Pattern sequencer and capture to simplify handling of complex data patterns
  • External Delay Control Input for injection of any external jitter
  • Automated jitter tolerance characterization and compliance tests
  • SSC - Spread Spectrum Clocking (opt. J11)
  • Jitter tolerance compliance (opt. J12) testing : PCIeTM, SATA, Fibre Channel, FB-DIMM, CEI, 10 GbE, XFP/XFI
  • Fast Total Jitter measurement
  • All options upgradeable

J-BERT awards: J-BERT's technology leadership has been honored by our customers and key technical publications with several product awards. Read more

PCIe is a trademark of the PCI-SIG

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