Keysight 4395A 10 Hz to 500 MHz Network Analyzers

Manufacturer: Keysight Product Series: 439X Series
Base Model: 4395A Total Listings: 6 Units
Description: 10 Hz to 500 MHz Network Analyzers
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Keysight 4395A Inventory Listings
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Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer
144Agilent 4395A-1D6
10Hz to 500MHz Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer
144Agilent 4395A
Network / Spectrum Analyzer Network measurements: 10Hz to 500MHz
4395A - Agilent / HP 4395A 500.00MHz Network Analyzers
Agilent / HP 4395A Spectrum / Network / Impedance Analyzer, 10 Hz - 500 MHz

Keysight 4395A Product Overview
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Key Features
High-performance network, spectrum, and impedance analyzers in a single box
Built-in IBASIC
GPIB port, digital I/O port

Network Analysis
Frequency range: 10 Hz to 500 MHz
115 dB dynamic range @ 10 Hz IFBW
+/-0.05 dB, +/-0.3 degree dynamic accuracy

Spectrum Analysis
Frequency range: 10 Hz to 500 MHz
-145 dBm/Hz sensitivity @ 10 MHz
Time-gated spectrum analysis option (4395A-1D6)

Impedance Analysis (Option 4395A-010)
Frequency range: 100 kHz to 500 MHz
Equivalent circuit analysis function
+/- 40 V or +/- 100 mA DC bias (Option 4395A-001)

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PDF 4395A Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer Programming Manual  ( Manual ) Agilent 2002/12/01
PDF 4395A Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer Service Manual  ( Manual ) Agilent 2002/08/01
PDF 4395A Revision 01.02 Firmware Installation Kit (04395-65401) Installation Manual  ( Manual ) Agilent 2000/07/01
PDF 4395A Security Features  ( Manual ) Agilent 2008/02/01
PDF 4395U Option 010 Impedance Measurement Function Upgrade Kit Upgrade Manual  ( Manual ) Agilent 2000/07/01
PDF Instrument Basic Users Handbook Version 2.0  ( Manual ) Agilent 2000/12/01
PDF 4395A Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer Configuration Guide Agilent 2009/04/22
PDF 4395A, 4396B Awareness Brochure Agilent 2000/10/01
PDF 4395A, 4396B Technical Overview Agilent 2008/11/20
PDF Accessories Selection Guide For Impedance Measurements Agilent 2008/12/17
PDF ADSL Copper Loop Measurements Agilent 2008/04/15
PDF Balanced Circuit Measurement with an Impedance Analyzer/LCR Meter/Network Analyzer Agilent 2008/04/10
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PDF Using a Network and Impedance Analyzer to Evaluate 13.56 MHz RFID Tags and Readers/Writers Agilent 2009/02/03
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320Wanted / For SaleSale Agilent 4395A0
525Wanted / For SaleFor Sale Agilent 4395A0
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