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Rohde and Schwarz RTO2000 Series Product Series
1031 Rohde and SchwarzRTO2002Oscilloscopes600 MHz, 2 Channels
940 Rohde and SchwarzRTO2004Oscilloscopes600 MHz, 4 Channels
998 Rohde and SchwarzRTO2012Oscilloscopes1 GHz, 2 Channels
939 Rohde and SchwarzRTO2014Oscilloscopes1 GHz, 4 Channels
995 Rohde and SchwarzRTO2022Oscilloscopes2 GHz, 2 Channels
937 Rohde and SchwarzRTO2024Oscilloscopes2 GHz, 4 Channels
992 Rohde and SchwarzRTO2033Oscilloscopes3 GHz, 2 Channels
938 Rohde and SchwarzRTO2034Oscilloscopes3 GHz, 4 Channels
985 Rohde and SchwarzRTO2044Oscilloscopes4 GHz, 4 Channels
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