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BK Precision Keysight Stanford Research Systems
Fluke Krohn-Hite Tektronix
GW Instek Philips Teseq (Schaffner)
Hameg Instruments Protek Wavetek
Iwatsu Racal Dana Yokogawa

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Popular Function Generators Models
Tektronix AFG3011 - 10 MHz, 1 Channels, 250 MS/s Arbitrary/Function Generator
Tektronix AFG3021B - 25 MHz, 1 Channels, 250 MS/s Arbitrary/Function Generator
Tektronix AFG3101 - 100 MHz, 1 Channels, 1 GS/s Arbitrary/Function Generator
Tektronix AFG3252 - 240 MHz, 2 Channels, 2 GS/s Arbitrary/Function Generator
Tektronix AFG3251 - 240 MHz, 1 Channels, 2 GS/s Arbitrary/Function Generator
Tektronix AFG3022B - 25 MHz, 2 Channels, 250 MS/s Arbitrary/Function Generator
Tektronix AFG3102 - 100 MHz, 2 Channels, 1 GS/s Arbitrary/Function Generator
Keysight 33220A - 20 MHz
Keysight 33210A - 10 MHz
Keysight 33250A - 80 MHz
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File TypeTitleAuthorPublish Date
PDF Format   PDF Arbitrary/Function Generators Provide Versatile Stimulus in RF Applications
Recently, modern arbitrary/function generators (AFGs) have been finding increasing use in a number of RF test applications, thanks to significant improvements in versatility, flexibility and frequency range, enabled by advances in instrumentation technology. Learn more in this insightful application note.
Tektronix 9/28/2007
PDF Format   PDF Characterization of IQ Modulators Counts On Flexible Signal Generator Stimulus
As demands for transmission bandwidth and signal quality continue to grow, suppliers of IQ modulators are working on new designs to address these requirements. During the design phase, the performance of new devices must be evaluated against a number of critical parameters. This application note describes several of the important measurements design engineers routinely make on an IQ modulator. It illustrates how modern arbitrary/function generators provide a stimulus to characterize high performance IQ modulators thoroughly, with more flexibility and saving considerable time over previously used methods.
Tektronix 4/23/2007
PDF Format   PDF High Amplitude Arbitrary/Function Generator Simplifies Measurement in Automotive, Semiconductor, Scientific and Industrial Applications
This application note describes the conventional approach of generating high amplitude signals with an external amplifier. It then discusses typical applications and shows the benefits of using a novel arbitrary/function generator with integrated high amplitude stage. Applications described in this note include measuring the timing and switching characteristics of power semiconductors for automotive applications and the characterization of amplifiers for gas chromatography detectors.
Tektronix 4/22/2008
PDF Format   PDF Semiconductor Characterization Counts on Flexible Stimulus Signals
Semiconductors are everywhere. They are the basic building blocks of today's communication and computing systems. This application note shows how signal sources can help accurately evaluate the behavior of basic semiconductor devices.
Tektronix 11/1/2005
PDF Format   PDF Testing with Versatile Pulse Generation Solutions
This application note describes several applications in which modern general-purpose arbitrary/function generators (AFGs) can present a flexible, versatile and more affordable alternative solution to dedicated pulse generators.
Tektronix 9/17/2007
PDF Format   PDF Understanding Signal Generation Methodologies
This document compares two signal generation architectures, one used in Arbitrary/Function Generators and one used in Arbitrary Waveform Generators, and selecting the correct product for your application.
Tektronix 8/8/2006

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