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Popular Multimeters Models
Fluke 175 - True RMS Multimeter
Keysight U1252B - Handheld Digital Multimeter, 4½-digit
Keysight 34401A - Digital Multimeter, 6½ Digit
Keysight U3402A - Digital Multimeter, 5 ½ Digit Dual Display
Fluke 8845A - 6.5 digit Precision Multimeter, 35 ppm
Keysight U3606A - Multimeter, DC Power Supply
Fluke 110 - True RMS Multimeter
Fluke 87V - Multimeter
Keysight 3458A - Digital Multimeter, 8½ Digit
Tektronix DMM4040 - Benchtop DMM 6.5 Digit Resolution Digital Multimeter
Fluke 112 - True RMS Multimeter - Current Measurement & Backlight
Keysight U1241B - Handheld Digital Multimeter, 4-digit
Keysight 34411A - Digital Multimeter, 6½ Digit Enhanced Performance
Keysight U1252A - Handheld Digital Multimeter, 4½ Digit
Keysight U1242B - Handheld Digital Multimeter, 4-digit
Keysight U1241A - Handheld Digital Multimeter, 4 Digit
Tektronix DMM4020 - Benchtop DMM 5.5 Digit Resolution Digital Multimeter
Fluke 8808A - 5.5 digit multimeter, .01 %
Keysight U3401A - Digital Multimeter, 4 ½ Digit Dual Display
Keysight U1253B - Handheld Digital Multimeter, 4½-digit, with organic LED display
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File TypeTitleAuthorPublish Date
PDF Format   PDF AC Voltage Measurement Errors in Digital Multimeters
This application note is the third in a series of three, that will help you eliminate potential measurement errors and achieve the greatest accuracy with a DMM. This application note covers ac voltage measurement errors. For an overview of system cabling errors and dc voltage measurement errors...
Agilent 1/31/2002
PDF Format   PDF Cathodic Protection of Steel in Concrete Using LXI
This document discusss Cathodic protection as a remarkable technique that can substantially extend the life of a building structure by impeding corrosion.
Agilent 4/25/2007
PDF Format   PDF Data Logging and Digitizing Using a Digital Multimeter Agilent 12/19/2008
PDF Format   PDF Environmental Test of Automotive Radio and Engine Controllers
Automotive components such as radios and engine controllers are tested to environmental limits using HP Automatic Test Systems to control the environmental chamber and test the components therein. See Application Note 1270-11 attached to this page for more information.
Agilent 6/1/1995
PDF Format   PDF Hints for selecting the correct temperature sensor for your application
If you want to make reliable temperature measurements, you needto carefully select the right temperature sensor for your application.
Agilent 4/16/2008
PDF Format   PDF Improving DMM throughput
Whether your electronic test is in a manufacturing, design validation, or R&D environment, reducing your test time translatesto lower cost and shortened product development schedules, both of which are clear benefi ts.
Agilent 12/19/2008
PDF Format   PDF Make better AC measurements with your DMM
When you use a digital multimeter to measure AC voltages, it is important to know how your DMM makes the measurements and understand your instrument's limitations.
Agilent 12/19/2008
PDF Format   PDF Make Better RMS Measurements with Your DMM
Different techniques that DMMs use to measure rms values, signal affects the quality of measurements, how to avoid common measurement mistakes.
Agilent 6/11/2002
PDF Format   PDF Practical hints for making fast scans of multiple sensor systems
Often a data acquisition system is used to monitor more than one type of sensor.
Agilent 4/16/2008
PDF Format   PDF Practical Temperature Measurements
The purpose of this appliction note is to explore the more common temperature measurement techniques, and introduce procedures for improving their accuracy.
Agilent 3/1/2010
PDF Format   PDF Resistance, DC Current, AC Current, and Frequency and Period Measurement Errors in DMM
This application note is the second in a series of three, that will help you eliminate potential measurement errors and achieve the greatest accuracy with a DMM.
Agilent 1/31/2002
PDF Format   PDF Solar Cell and Module Testing
This application note describes how to decrease costs and increase flexibility for solar cell and module testing with Agilent products and solutions.
Agilent 12/7/2009
PDF Format   PDF Synchronizing multiple function generators to produce phase-related signals
Function/arbitrary waveform generators are useful for creating standard or complex waveforms that allow you to test the performance of a design using a known good signal.
Agilent 3/9/2009
PDF Format   PDF System Cabling Errors and DC Voltage Measurement Errors in Digital Multimeters
This application note is one in a series of three, that will help you eliminate potential measurement errors and achieve the greatest accuracy with a DMM.
Agilent 1/31/2002
PDF Format   PDF Tips for making good thermocouple measurements in noisy environments
Temperature measurements are an important part of product characterization, whether you are developing or verifying a design or you are qualifying products during production test.
Agilent 4/16/2008
PDF Format   PDF Understanding Reading Accuracy and Resolution in a 6 1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter
This application note explains the reality and the mathematics behind digital multimeter resolution and DC noise specification which directly correlate to the number of digits available from the digital multimeter at a given resolution and speed.
Agilent 3/30/2006
PDF Format   PDF Using LXI to Boost Throughput in Semiconductor Manufacturing
This document is a case study that discusses the successful customer implementation of an Agilent LXI solution for a multinational semiconductor manufacturer
Agilent 4/25/2007
PDF Format   PDF Using USB in the Test and Measurement Environment
Simplify test integration with USB interface.
Agilent 10/19/2004

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